About The Series

About The Series

The Big 33 has recognized a need and created an opportunity for more lives to be enriched and more lasting impressions and memories to be made. The Big 26 Baseball Classic is a series of baseball games, with teams comprised of high school rising sophomores and juniors from Pennsylvania and Maryland. The 3-game series is played at one of the most pristine minor league fields in South-Central Pennsylvania.

Big 26 Baseball Classic – The Players:

High school sophomores and juniors from both states participate in a try-out attended by college coaches and MLB scouts. – This is an opportunity for the top-caliber baseball players from the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland to showcase   their talents. – Coaches and players are given the opportunity to measure their skills against other premier players and spend time with their Buddies and host families.

Big 26 Baseball Classic – The Buddies:

The Big 26 Buddy Program is made up of children with varying disabilities, such as downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, spina bifida, and mental disabilities. Being a part of the Big 26 Buddy program allows everyone to participate on an even playing field. Buddies get to be themselves. Our program expands the minds of our buddies to understand that others see past their disabilities and see who they really are…big hearted, smiling, appreciative, young people with hearts of gold. – Players will participate with their Buddy in a Challenger Game. The Buddy will wear a jersey just like their player. The player will help his Buddy participate in the game. – Players will take part in various activities with their Buddy before and after all Big 26 games. This is sure to be an experience that players and Buddies will always remember.

Big 26 Baseball Classic – The Host Families:

Each player from both Maryland and Pennsylvania are assigned a host family. The host family brings the player into their home for the extended weekend. – Host families take their player to games, do their laundry, feed them and treat him as one of their own. – Players will form a life-long relationship with their host family. – Host families look forward to bringing a player into their home as a highlight of their year.

Big 26 Baseball Classic – Youth Tournaments:

The Big 26 Baseball Classic will also host the Big 26 Rising Stars Youth Tournament. – The Big 26 Rising Stars Youth Tournament will be held at many local youth baseball fields. – This will be an opportunity for young boys to come to South-Central Pennsylvania and compete in a highly competitive double elimination tournament that will be culminated with the Big 26 Classic. The age brackets for the tournament are 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, and 14u. – Our goal is to have these same young boys grow to young men and make the decision to work hard and develop their skills to move past the Big 26 Rising Stars Youth Tournament and aspire to play in the Big 26 Baseball Classic.

Big 26 Baseball Classic – Community Impact:

We estimate the financial impact to the Central Pennsylvania area will be over $1.5 million in the way of lodging, restaurants, tourism, retail and supporting local commerce during the Big 26 game weekend. – The Big 26 Baseball Classic will bring visibility of Central Pennsylvania to those from many other states. – Central Pennsylvania will also host many Major League Baseball scouts as well as college scouts from all over the country. – There are many all-star baseball games across the country. Only the Big 26 Baseball Classic will provide great baseball, community involvement and a lasting impression on both youth and adults.

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