“Buddy Team” – Program A Resounding Success

The Buddy program features special needs kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Buddy program was started in 1985 and was designed to partner a special needs child with a Big 33 athlete. Memories are developed through opportunities for exceptional kids to share time with their athletes both on and off the practice field during game week. Being a part of the Buddy program allows everyone an even playing field. There are many barriers in the world for individuals with special needs and being a part of the buddy program gives these children an environment without barriers. Buddies get to be themselves. Our program expands the minds of our buddies to understand that others see past their disabilities and see who they really are…big hearted, smiling, appreciative, young people with hearts of gold. Football players, baseball players and cheerleaders accept their buddy unconditionally. No other event gives special needs individuals such an inclusive experience. Buddies make a lasting impression on every player and cheerleader. Our Buddy program continues to grow each year.

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