PSFCA Scholarship Information

The PSFCA Scholarship will be awarded to the student who is enrolled in a post high school educational program designed to take one or more years to complete. Current college students are also eligible for the PSFCA Scholarship.

The scholarship is available to sons and daughters of PSFCA members. Father must be a PSFCA member of the current fiscal (August 1, 2019-July 31, 2020) membership year.

The Scholarship Committee will determine value of Scholarship (Previous value has been $1,000.00 one-timepayment).

The members of the PSFCA Scholarship Committee will keep all of the materials on this application confidential.

Past Winners


Branton Beck, Stephanie Cathell, Stephen Herrick


Stephanie Cathell, Adam Hunter


Beau Ewing, Matthew Barton, Tyler Palfey


Joseph Mauck, Mary Cooper


Brynn Seidenstricker, Emily Lenig