Team Maryland held their tryouts on Sunday (Video & Gallery)

Written by: Billy Splain on March 17, 2023.


Team Maryland recently held their tryouts for this years Big 33 Football Classic. Head coach Dameon Powell, Flowers High School, said there were “over 70 tryout participants. Everything went smooth. Lotta great talent. It was hard to pick from all those dudes I’ll tell you that.”

If you’re wondering how they pick their team, Coach Flowers says “We watch film, a lotta film, we ask coaches all around the state to nominate kids. We have a committee who watches kids in the whole state. Then we invite them to the tryout. We get a lot from Baltimore, prince georges. They come from all over the place. We have people from all over, but obviously they come mostly from the more populated area.”

Coach Powell says “I’m very excited. My staff is amped up and ready to go.” Team Maryland will be revealed right here on our website on Wednesday, March 29. Watch for details coming soon!

For a gallery, click HERE