May 26, 2024 7pm
May 19, 2024 (Small) 12pm
May 19, 2024 (Large) 5pm

PSFCA Membership

2023-24 Information, Forms & Benefits


Please use the link below for Membership Registration.

If you choose “Credit / Debit Card” in the “Payment Type” drop down box you will be redirected to PayPal to complete the registration process with your chosen card and information. You will ONLY receive a confirmation email when you finish paying via PayPal.

You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to complete the membership registration / purchase, simply scroll to the bottom of PayPal log in screen and click on Credit / Debit Card box to complete the registration process with your chosen card and information.

If you still wish to pay by check, please select “Check” in the “Payment Type” drop down box. Once you fill out the form you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download and print the check payment form to send in the mail.

2023-24 PSFCA Membership Information

2023-24 Staff Discount Membership Information

2023-24 Online Membership Registration

2023-24 Mail In Membership Application (Only if NOT completing online registration)

2023-24 Check Payment Form

2023-24 PA Loomis and Lapann Insurance Overview

Membership Benefits


PSFCA is the professional organization representing specifically football coaches and football interests.

  1. Receive a Free Discount Card courtesy of The Funding Zone.
  2. Members will receive a $1,000,000 liability protection policy. (See above)
  3. Discounts for the PSFCA Membership & Coaches Clinic.
  4. Allows coaches to nominate both players & coaches for the State All-Star Games.
  5. Reduced insurance plan rate for your own out of season camps.
  6. Opportunity to meet vendors that offer products and services at all PSFCA events
  7. Fellowship with colleagues.
  8. Membership is required for any coach to be eligible to coach in the Big 33, or the two East/West All-Star Games Class 1-3 or 4-6.
  9. Membership makes coaches eligible for recognition under the Honor Our Own program for Years of Service, Years as a Head Coach, Number of Wins, and Coach of the Year awards both District and State.
  10. Membership is required for players from the coach’s school to be considered for selection to play in Big 33, or the two East/West Games Class 1-3 or 4-6.
  11. Discounted rate for 5-Star Combines for players if coach is a member. Rate would be $65.00 (Non-member registration fee is $75.00).

The longer you wait to join the PSFCA, the longer the above BENEFITS are NOT in force. Also keep in mind your membership is good from August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024. In other words, DO NOT wait until the PSFCA Clinic to join the PSFCA as you will lose out on many months of benefits.