Bo Orlando named 2023 Honorary Chairman for Big 33 Football Classic

Written by: Billy Splain on March 8, 2023.


Today the PSFCA Big 33 named former Berwick Bulldog quarterback Bo Orlando as this year’s Honorary Chairman.

Bo Orlando had high regard when talking about the Big 33. “It was the big thing that we wanted to get to when we were kids, and now to be Chairmen is definitely special,” Orlando said he was surprised when he first got the nomination. He also has respect for the past honorary Chairmen. “I mean look at that list of guys, players I played against, Hall of Famers, to be in that group is special,” said Orlando.

Orlando is mostly looking forward to interacting and meeting up with some fellow High School Stars. Orlando said, “It’s like we’re warriors, like war veterans, obviously we are not in war but everyone that spent time on that field can bond. It’s like a fraternity, we all did our time, and it’s nice to look back on it. The comradery is the most special thing to me.”

The Annual Big 33 game will kick off on Sunday, May 28th at the home of Bishop Mcdevitt at 7:00 p.m.

Bo Orlando Timeline

High School:

Berwick High School, Class of 1984.
Quarterback of 1983 13-0 USA Today National Champions.
Player in the 1984 (27th Annual) Big 33 Football Classic (East 20, West 10) on July 21, 1984


West Virginia safety 1984 through 1989.
Co-captain of the 1988 team that went undefeated during the regular season.
Member of WVU Sports Hall of Fame.


Drafted in the sixth round in 1989 by the Houston Oilers.

Houston Oilers: 1989-1994
San Diego Chargers: 1995
Cincinatti Bengals: 1996-1997
Pittsburgh Steelers: 1998

Bo is now the Athletic Director at Berwick High School. Berwick has had 37 players selected to the Big 33.