1966 Recap

Written by: Big 33 Staff on August 13, 1966.


Pennsylvania could have used some anti-aircraft batteries to shoot down a Texas aerial circus that produced 414 yards in a 34-2 Longhorn victory before a record crowd of 25,000 at Hershey.

Don Burrell got the big plays for Texas. He caught eight passes for 260 yards and two touchdowns.

Coach Bobby Layne used three different quarterbacks — Jim Street, Joe Norwood, and Charles Hixon – put the ball in the air 42 times. They completed only 19, but most of those came on key third down plays.

Pennsylvania got its only points in the opening quarter when Rich Saul of Butler tackled Norwood in the end zone for a safety. Quarterback Chuck Burkhart of Montour managed to complete 18-of-36 passes when he wasn’t being hammered by a blitzing Texas defense.

Burkhart and Middletown end Henry Brown were Pennsylvania’s top players. Brown caught eight passes for 84 yards in addition to making some key plays as a defensive back.