1990 Recap

Written by: Big 33 Staff on July 28, 1990.


With 70 points scored between Maryland and Pennsylvania, 1990 turned out to be one of the most exciting games of the series.

Maryland fans were ecstatic with their lead at halftime with a score of 28-14.

PA fans breathed a sigh of relief when their team returned after halftime to outscore MD 28-0 to finish the game with a PA victory of 42-28.

Kerry Collins and Frank Costa shone as quarterbacks for PA with a brilliant performance by wide receiver Priest Ramsey and tight end Kyle Brady. Collins completed 9-of-15 for 208 yards and Costa completed 9-of-13 for 182 yards. Ramsey had five catches for 150 yards and two touchdowns with Brady making a clutch catch which enabled PA fans to relax with a 42-28 cushion with less than 5 minutes to play.

Maryland’s MVP was quarterback Marc Bason. He stunned the crowd with touchdown runs of 68 and 60 yards. His speed was fantastic but due to intercepted passes in the second half by PA’s Brian Gelzheiser and Tinker Harris, PA was able to rally and hold on till the end of play.