2005 Recap

Written by: Big 33 Staff on July 23, 2005.


It looked as if Ohio was going to continue their dominance and win their third straight Big 33 game with ease as they jumped out to a 28-7 lead over the Pennsylvania team. However, with supposed questions of whether or not the Ohio team would return next year to play Pennsylvania due to a time conflict with the North-South all-star game, the keystone state vowed not to go down without a fight if this was their last chance to play their past foe.

It was Pennsylvania who struck first on the opening play of their first drive via a 70-yard catch-and-run touchdown by running back Ed Collington which gave the keystone state an early 7-0 lead. Nevertheless, behind the strong right arm of Robby Schoenhoft and his wide receiver corps which included Brian Hartline, Duval Love and future Michigan star wideout Mario Manningham, the Ohio team jumped on top with a 21-7 lead. An Ohio interception which was returned 52 yards for a touchdown lengthened the lead to 28-7.

Turnovers proved to be Pennsylvania’s downfall as they recorded a total of 6 turnovers (3 fumbles, 3 interceptions). Pennsylvania dwindled the lead to 7 as they scored on both a 77-yard touchdown catch by LaRod Stephens-Howling as well as a 72-yard touchdown pass from Brad Dawson to wideout Carmen Connolly. Ohio drew the lead to 14 as they scored on a trick play as Love took the ball on a sweep only to pull up and loft a 48-yard touchdown pass to wideout Jared Martin.

After Ohio took a 34-21 lead to halftime, the defenses of both teams seemed to rise to the occasion as Pennsylvania drew closer with a 1-yard touchdown run by Collington to bring the score to 34-28 which would be the only score by either team in the second half. However, an unusual call by the referees on a later drive forced a 10-minute delay of the game. As Pennsylvania was driving down the field, an interception by Ohio defender Brad Jones was nullified as it was ruled the Ohio defense was playing zone instead of man to man. After the Pennsylvania team drove down the field to the Ohio 26 with under two minutes left, the overturned call turned out to meaningless as the offense turned the ball over on downs.