Big 33 Buddy Families Spend Day Mini Golfing In Cumberland County

Written by: Big 33 Staff on October 1, 2023.


The Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association hosted its third annual Big 33 Buddy Program on Sunday in Cumberland County.

The Big 33 Buddy Program started in 1985 and is designed to partner a child with special needs with a Big 33 athlete.

The annual event is held in honor of Sandra Saint John, one of the first Big 33 Buddies.

The event brought together Big 33 Buddy families for mini golfing.

“She has grown as a person, because some of the things, some of the fears and anxieties she had on that night or with other girls have gone away! She’s just one of the girls and that’s been such a blessing to us,” said Brian Wilson, Big 33 Buddy Program parent.

Story provided by WGAL