Local Legends, Veach And Givens, Celebrated Ahead Of Super Bowl

Written by: Ed Weaver on February 11, 2024.


MOUNT CARMEL TWP., Pa. (WHP) — The Super Bowl is just two days away and Pennsylvania has not one but two connections in the big game.

In every Super Bowl, there has been an alumnus from the Big 33 Football Classic, and this year the streak continues.

Watch the video interview by CBS 21’s Maxine Rose here.

At Mount Carmel Area High School, a case full of memories shows their support for their star alum year round but it’s just one of the many displays of pride in Central Pennsylvania, especially as many gear up for Sunday’s game.

“There are 33 players throughout the state of Pennsylvania that are gonna play, and he was one. And he was one heck of a player,” said Dave “Whitey” Williams, the former football coach of Mount Carmel’s Red Tornadoes, as he took CBS21’s Maxine Rose down the school’s track to victory.

His return to old stomping grounds reminded him of one of his star players who rose to fame 27 years later.

“When Dorsey left to go to the browns, I said to my friends, ‘You watch. He’s gonna get named GM,'” said Coach Williams.

Brett Veach, who became the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, had set numerous records throughout his high school career, Williams said. In 1997, he made his way to the Big 33 game in Hershey. After his time with the Eagles, and now the Chiefs, he’s left a legacy in his hometown.

“He knows offense, defense and special teams — and that was the way we built our programs here at Mount Carmel, and that’s something that’s stuck with him and I must say I’m very proud of that,” said Williams.

Also in this year’s Super Bowl is defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, Kevin Givens.

His former athletic director in Altoona, Phil Riccio, said he was a quiet leader.

“[He] never really went off course, was always focused, beat the hand he was dealt to get where he is — and it’s remarkable to watch him do that,” said Riccio.

Givens played in the Big 33 game in 2015 against Maryland, leading them to a 20-3 win.

Now, Riccio says, he’s moving on up.

“He’s doing a heck of a job as a defensive lineman for San Fran, which is part of the best D-line in the NFL,” said Riccio.

Veach and Givens’ success throughout the years has ultimately led them to this moment.

“I think that’s important for our kids to see and our students to see ‘Hey you can make it you can work your tail off, you can get anywhere you want,'” said Riccio.