Due to COVID-19 – Big 33 Game Cancelled

Written by: tvn5012 on April 14, 2020.


Dear Coaches, Participants, Sponsors and Fans,

It is with deep regret that the Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association (PSFCA) must cancel all of our major events surrounding Memorial Day Weekend 2020, just weeks away. These public events include the Big 33 Football Classic, East West Game, a first-ever PSFCA High School Combine, USA Football 1st Down Clinic, Military Murph Competition, and the Big 33 Fan Experience.

Due to the uncertainty of the weeks ahead with the Coronavirus constraints placed upon each individual, our schools, families, and the organizations and businesses that help make this holiday weekend one of the best in the country, we cannot move forward in holding these events or our exciting football games. Our top priority is the health, safety and welfare of all of our participants, families, workers, sponsors, and fans.

Currently, the PSFCA is contacting all entities associated with the game and festivities. We are also exploring ways in which we can still honor all of these highly talented 2020 athletes – players, cheerleaders and buddies.  We want each of them to know that they should be extremely proud to have been chosen and that they are now part of our amazing Big 33 and special East West families. In addition, our best wishes go out to all graduating student athletes across this great Commonwealth and our country, who are now unable to finish their high school careers as planned.  May these families, coaches, volunteers, schools and communities remember the significant contributions made and embrace all of the memorable athletic moments that live on, as we all team up to combat this pandemic.

Again, we want to remind everyone that we are in unprecedented waters, which warrant critical measures to protect everyone’s health, safety and welfare. Please know that our thoughts and prayers remain with each of you during these challenging times.  In advance, thank you for your patience and ongoing support.  We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of our healthcare professionals, EMS teams, law enforcement, military, farmers, grocery retailers, media friends, leaders, food banks, government officials, and so many other critical members of our workforce who are working and continuing to support, feed, and protect families across our great state and country!

We are looking forward to planning the 2021 games and festivities, and know that they will be better than ever!  The Big 33 is such a storied tradition, and the PSFCA will uphold that for all to enjoy! Please stay healthy and safe!


Garry Cathell, Executive Director

PSFCA-Big 33

The PSFCA-Big33 Office has moved.  All mailings and phone calls should be directed to the following address and number:

PSFCA-Big 33

4813 Jonestown Road

Suite 202

Harrisburg, Pa. 17109

P:  717-200-3378