Media Policy

The Big 33 holds the rights to revoke media passes at any point before, during, or for future events. Media personnel are required to be affiliated with a recognized media outfit (ex. TV, newspaper, blog, etc.) in order to obtain a credential pass for the game. Photos and videos taken during the game are for media use of the media outfit taking them. Images and video are not for resale to the public. Media credentials are non-transferable and cannot be passed off before or during the event. Those granted field passes will need to stay out of restricted areas during the game (ex. benches, field, etc.). Live tweeting or live broadcasting are allowed with prior permission given from the Big 33.

Failure to adhere to the policies laid out before you by the Big 33 will result in the loss of credentials for this year’s event and future games. The Big 33 will not be held responsible for injuries that occur before, during, or post game.