1963 Recap

August 3, 1963 Big 33 Staff

Hempfield quarterback Dick Vidmer ran for the first two touchdowns to lead the Blue to a 36-6 victory over the Gray.

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1962 Recap

August 4, 1962 Big 33 Staff

The West overwhelmed the East by a 39-0 count before 14,000 at Hershey.

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1961 Recap

July 29, 1961 Big 33 Staff

In the first meeting of East and West, it was the West by a landslide.

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1960 Recap

July 30, 1960 Big 33 Staff

A heavy rainstorm bogged down the offense of both teams as the National High School All-Americans battled the Big 33 to scoreless stalemate at Hershey.

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1959 Recap

August 1, 1959 Big 33 Staff

Pennsylvania made it two straight over the National High School All-Americans with an 18-0 decision at Hershey.

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1958 Recap

August 9, 1958 Big 33 Staff

Pennsylvania challenged the nation and emerged a 6-0 winner as Uniontown’s Sandy Stephens scored the game’s only touchdown at Hershey.

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