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1972 Recap

August 19, 1972 Big 33 Staff

Art Owens gave an electrifying performance in leading Pennsylvania to a 27-22 victory over Ohio at Hershey Stadium.

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1971 Recap

August 7, 1971 Big 33 Staff

Woody Thompson rushed for 123 yards and scored three touchdowns in leading the West to a 34-20 victory over the East before 18,000 at Hershey.

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1970 Recap

August 8, 1970 Big 33 Staff

It was a great night for the “Little People” as a couple of 160-pound stars led the East to a 15-0 victory over the West before almost 20,000 at Hershey.

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1969 Recap

August 9, 1969 Big 33 Staff

John Hufnagel of Montour and Larry McCargo of Connellsville provided a pass-run punch as the West knocked out the East, 28-13, before 20,000 at Hershey.

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1968 Recap

August 10, 1968 Big 33 Staff

Harrisburg’s Jimmy Jones scored the only touchdown and Middletown’s Ed Tennis kicked the winning point as the East nudged the West 7-6 at Hershey.

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1967 Recap

August 12, 1967 Big 33 Staff

Texas exploded for 16 points late in the second quarter on the way to a 45-14 romp over Pennsylvania at Hershey.

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1966 Recap

August 13, 1966 Big 33 Staff

Pennsylvania could have used some anti-aircraft batteries to shoot down a Texas aerial circus that produced 414 yards in a 34-2 Longhorn victory before a record crowd of 25,000 at Hershey.

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1965 Recap

August 14, 1965 Big 33 Staff

Swift Jerry Levias scored two touchdowns to lead Texas to a 466-yard offensive show in a 26-10 defeat of Pennsylvania at Hershey.

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1964 Recap

August 1, 1964 Big 33 Staff

Ben Gregory’s 80-yard punt return late in the fourth quarter lifted Pennsylvania to a 12-6 triumph over Texas at Hershey.

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1963 Recap

August 3, 1963 Big 33 Staff

Hempfield quarterback Dick Vidmer ran for the first two touchdowns to lead the Blue to a 36-6 victory over the Gray.

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